The Art of Film Scoring

3h 32m beginner Beginner • 6 videos
Author: Chris Fitzgerald[MM_Access_Decision id=”528″ access=’false’]

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[/MM_Access_Decision]The Art of Film Scoring is a 6-part primer into the technical and psychological aspects of film composition. Through the course we cover film music history, thematic analysis, music theory and composition, technical aspects of film scoring, and self promotion tips including resources for website creation and audio and film publishing. No prior film scoring experience is necessary. Students are recommended to own or have access to a computer with MIDI sequencing and audio recording software to complete the course challenges.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Intelligently analyze the function of music in film
  • Spot the differences between score and diegetic music
  • Work with the technical and psychological aspects of film scoring to compose your own film music
  • Promote yourself as a film composer