Technical Aspects of Film Scoring: Digital Performer – Lesson 1 Part 1

Digital Media

19m 13s beginner Beginner
Author: Chris Fitzgerald

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Digital Performer is arguably the standard music creation platform for film scoring. In use by many A-list Hollywood composers (including Michael Giacchino, Howard Shore and Danny Elfman), DP has rock-solid video syncing capabilities, and boasts many other unique features like punches & streamers to video, a multi-sequence “chunk” window allowing for total cue management in one file, and more. No prior film scoring experience is necessary. Students are recommended to own or have access to a computer with MIDI sequencing and audio recording software to complete the course challenges.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Discern film scoring aspects such as SMPTE timecode, film frame rate, audio sample rate and bit-depth, and spotting
  • Use Digital Performer to create markers, calculate tempo and set up a complete click track for a film scene
  • Use Digital Performer to add punches & streamers to video
  • Use Digital Performer to compose, mix and export a music piece

Lesson 1 – Aspects of Film Scoring & Digital Media

  • Introduction to digital film and digital audio, SMPTE timecode and frame rate
  • Spotting a film and pre-planning a composition