Richard_Ludlow_profile_picRichard Ludlow

Audio Director at Hexany Audio
GDC 2014 Speaker

Recent Credits:
Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse (360/PS3/PC) – Audio Designer – 2012
Disney Infinity (Wii) – Audio Implementer – 2013
Aspects TD (iOS) – Sound Designer – 2013

Scorbit: What is your favorite professional accomplishment to date?

Richard Ludlow: In late 2011 I started the company Hexany Audio with several extraordinary composers and sound designers as partners; since then, we’ve grown as a company and as individuals in ways I couldn’t anticipate. Contributing to a space where we can all work and learn from one another has been one of the most gratifying experiences, and it’s an honor to work with such talented individuals on a daily basis. We’re very excited about where we’re headed in the future.

S: Where do you see the game industry going?

RL: With the latest generation of games and hardware, we’re finally reaching a point where technology is becoming more transparent in design; we’re able to focus more on advancing the art and less on dealing with technical limitations. The rise of the indie developer has also been an exciting shift in the industry, with smaller teams rethinking the fundamentals about how games should work. Now that we’ve finally got enough pixels on the screen, I’m looking forward to seeing innovation in new areas of player experience.

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