profile_main_rgould_300x225Richard Gould

Lead Sound Designer, Composer at Hexany Audio

The Last Symphony – Audio Lead (2012)
Super – Audio Post Supervisor & Sound Designer (2013)
Bigfoot Hunter – Composer & Sound Designer (2014)

Scorbit: What is your most meaningful professional accomplishment to date and why?
Richard Gould: Working as Audio Lead on “The Last Symphony”. It was a music themed game with an interactive score of which I’m very proud both musically and in terms of the interactivity.

Scorbit: What interests you about training?
RG: Training gives me the opportunity to reflect on the process and the roles I work in. It allows me to provide resources that I wish I had had when I started out.

Scorbit: Where do you see the film and/or game industry going?
RG: Many people comment on how they see the two mediums merging. I for one hope they focus on their individual strengths as mediums and stop trying to emulate each other to deliver more powerful experiences and more compelling stories.

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