Orchestral Music History: An Examination of Orchestral Works from 1150 CE to Present Day

1h 5m beginner Beginner • 6 videos
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[/MM_Access_Decision]In the words of composer Igor Stravinsky, “Lesser artists borrow, great artists steal.” Our take on what Stravinsky means here, is that a good composer learns what has been done well in the past and, using those techniques, makes it their own. Any composer worth their salt has studied the greats of the past. With our Orchestral Music History course, you will become closely acquainted with key composers and developments to orchestral music, from 1150 CE to the present day. With music examples, we examine the textures and tonalities used from the Medieval Period, through the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th Century Periods.

Course Includes:

  • Major events in western music history from 1150 CE to present day
  • Evolution of the orchestra through the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th Century periods
  • Key composers and music examples
  • Suggestions for numerous composers to check out on your own
Course Table of Contents
Part 1 Medieval Period 8m 15s
Part 2 Renaissance Period 6m 7s
Part 3 Baroque Period 6m 6s
Part 4 Classical Period 10m 30s
Part 5 Romantic Period 19m 30s
Part 6 20th Century Period 15m 15s