Orchestral Mockups: Pro Tips for Orchestral MIDI Sequencing

52m 49s intermediate Intermediate • 9 videos
Author: Chris Fitzgerald[MM_Access_Decision id=”32339″ access=’false’]

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[/MM_Access_Decision]Having the ability to digitally create a realistic orchestral cue from instrument libraries is an essential skill for any game and film composer. Our Orchestral Mockups course dishes out tips and techniques used by pros to get MIDI to work for you, bring virtual instruments to life, mix in the third dimension, and how to stretch a game or film project budget without compromising quality. In this course you’ll gain skills that you can instantly apply to your music to dramatically improve your orchestral mockups.

Course Includes:

  • How to get MIDI to work for you
  • Picking an orchestral instrument library that fits your needs
  • Bringing your MIDI to life
  • Why the concept of mixing in 3D will instantly help your mixes
  • Pro tips for stretching a project’s budget without compromising quality
  • Templates, time-saving and organization tips