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Kudos for Scorbit

Scorbit has become a vital source of knowledge for me as a composer. The video tutorials are very informative and allow me to learn composing techniques that I just can’t find anywhere else. The team at Scorbit is always there to answer my questions and it is very evident that they enjoy seeing composers and musicians learn and succeed. Keep up the great work!
Matthew F.
I’m in for the long haul because the tutorials are presented so well. I have developed a Scorbit addiction. No Joke… 🙂
Adriano P.
After two Scorbit courses, I’ve emerged with a strong skill set that has given me confidence in my film scoring abilities.
Charis D.
Other than Scorbit, the only quality intensive resources I’ve found for learning at home are unfortunately out of my price range at a grand a pop. The quality at Scorbit seems fully on par to what I got at Berklee College of Music. Bravo!
Richard L.
Good info for a new-comer like me in the world of film composition. Clear, concise and to the point. Glad to be a member of Scorbit.
Adriano P.
I love the website and I’m thrilled to be part of a supportive and talented community.
Jason M.
I wish all the tutorials I take on the web were this good. I love the pacing, the insights, and the presentation. More please!!!
Roy M.