Jorel Corpus

Jorel is an award winning, critically acclaimed music producer, recording engineer, mixer and sound designer. His clients include Disney Mobile Japan, EMI, Sony Music, Barnyard Music, Warner Music and many many more. He has produced and mixed a certified Gold record with filipino band Sponge Cola, a Mix Magazine TEC award, a “Spirit of Comic Con” award for Black Tiger: Hunter Hunted and multiple accolades with his band Kjwan including MTV Asia’s Artist of the Month, Yahoo Southeast Asia’s Artist of the Month, Asean Ikon Grand Prize, A commendation from the Philippine Senate for his contribution in the arts, the “Ani ng Dangal” award from the Philippine National Commission for Culture and the Arts and nominations for guitarist of the year for the NU107 Rock Awards. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Music Production and Engineering and Electronic Production and Design from Berklee College of Music and currently reside in Los Angeles.

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