Jacob-profileJacob Pernell

Composer for Film, Games, and Multimedia

Recent Credits
Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – Assistant to composer, Jesper Kyd (2011)
Siegebreakers – Co-composer (to be released, 2014)
The Observatory – Composer (to be released, 2014)

Scorbit: What is your most meaningful professional accomplishment to date and why?
Jacob Pernell: In June 2013, I directed and co-organized the inaugural Edinburgh Game Symposium, held in Scotland! Several months of work and preparation culminated in a whole day event in which various game developers and game composers came to discuss their thoughts on the current state and future direction of the field of games and game audio. We are very excited to be turning the EGS into an annual event! For more info, please visit: www.edingame.com

Scorbit: What interests you about training?
JP: I’ve had some very unique and amazing experiences with music/audio for games and multimedia. I’m very excited to share with the Scorbit community some of the things I’ve picked up along the way, and I hope in doing so we can all push the mold a bit and help shape the future of game audio!

Scorbit: Where do you see the film and/or game industry going?
JP: The future of game music is heading towards even more interactive audio, for sure. I think games like Red Dead Redemption and Journey are only the beginning of what will ultimately become standard for game audio. I also feel like we’re going to see more 3D/binaural sound being integrated into games, especially as virtual realty devices like the Oculus Rift become more popular and mainstream.

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