Mixing Considerations Series: Listening Levels (Part 5)

6m 21s intermediate Intermediate
Author: Jorel Corpus

In part five of our series on mixing considerations, Jorel Corpus takes an in-depth look at listening levels, and how to avoid "listening loud" so you can "listen long". Along the way he covers technical terms such as decibels, dimming and breaks down the concepts behind the Fletcher Munson Curve.

Mixing Considerations Series: Task Separation (Part 4)

4m 49s beginner Beginner
Author: Jorel Corpus

Rounding off the four-part series on mixing considerations, Jorel Corpus covers task separation. Topics include producer vs. mixer tasks, difference in production and mixing elements, and tips for balancing a project when you are the producer and mixing engineer including the workflow benefits of separating mixing and production tasks and squaring off production tasks before you mix.

Mixing Considerations Series: Level Matching (Part 3)

6m 01s beginner Beginner
Author: Jorel Corpus

In this third tutorial in the four-part series on mixing considerations, Jorel Corpus focuses on level matching, discussing loudness vs. quality, perception of frequencies at different volumes, objective listening, comparing your tracks to commercial tracks, avoiding tunnel vision when mixing, maintaining objectivity in your mixing. He then breaks down level matching on specific elements of your mix such as EQ, compression and individual instruments.

Mixing Considerations Series: Session Quality (Part 2)

4m 35s beginner Beginner
Author: Jorel Corpus

Jorel Corpus continues the four part series on mixing considerations focusing on improving session quality. In part 2, he covers technical improvements including recording properly, dealing with distortion, clipping and noise, and plugin programming. He also discussing dealing with phasing issues, and tips for starting your session with better material. [/one_third]

Mixing Considerations Series: Referencing (Part 1)

4m 18s beginner Beginner
Author: Jorel Corpus

In Part 1 of our Mixing Considerations Series, Jorel Corpus walks through what reference tracks are, and how to use them effectively to ensure that you are producing a commercially viable mix. In the tutorial he covers objective listening and being decisive, and A/B testing as well as other topics.

Game Score Analysis: Ideas For Interactivity

9m 45s beginner Beginner
Author: Rachel Dziezynski

Understanding how to compose music that is interactive is the key element to being a game composer. In this tutorial, game composer and sound designer Rachel Dziezynski discusses the importance of interactive music, and breaks down different ways to compose and execute interactive music, while walking through one of her own game projects.

3 Tips for Finding Inspiration for Game Music

8m 44s beginner Beginner
Author: Jacob Pernell

Getting a new project to work on (especially if it's your first) is always exciting, but as creative individuals we often wrestle with how to get started. Where to apply the first brushstroke on the blank canvas before us. In this tutorial, game composer Jacob Pernell lays out his favorite resources to tap for creative inspiration, from using concept art to reference tracks, plus he walks through what he means by "going on an Adventure Module".

FMOD Basics

10m 01s intermediate Intermediate
Author: Rachel Dziezynski

FMOD Studio, an audio content creation tool for games, has an easy to use visual editor to manipulate the way audio is implemented into a game engine. This video walks through the basics of FMOD, and how to get started loading and editing your own audio asset files.

Developing Your One Page Working Plan

9m 40s beginner Beginner
Author: Ted Case

Developing your one page working plan will help you focus on the work that matters to you. By taking a close look at the lifestyle you want, who your target market is for the music and audio you create, what kind of teams you would like to be working on, and your current focus and one year goals, you will have a better understanding of what will bring you fulfillment in your career.

Game Project Walkthrough: Siegebreakers

39m 03s intermediate Intermediate
Author: Jacob Pernell

Let's dive in and take a look at some of the music from a game project I recently worked on called Siegebreakers! I'll talk a little bit about my process and show you how I laid out the song in Logic, show you what samples I used, and also talk about setting up the track for having different intensity layers. You'll walk away from this video with a little insight into one person's process and hopefully pick up a few new tricks along the way!