Unity 5 Audio Series Part 3: The Mixer

10m 22s beginner Beginner
Author: Jacob Pernell

Unity is a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies and used to develop video games for PC, consoles, mobile devices and websites. In this 5-part video tutorial series, game composer Jacob Pernell teaches how to use Unity for audio. Part three covers Unity's audio mixer.

Mixing Tools: Reverb Introduction

6m 34s beginner Beginner
Author: Juan Cortes

Game composer Juan Cortes introduces reverb concepts in this tutorial, highlighting practical examples. Topics include algorithmic and convolution reverb, typical reverb parameters, using reverb pre or post EQ, and creative applications of reverb including using your own impulse responses.

Mixing Tools: EQ Introduction

4m 30s beginner Beginner
Author: Jorel Corpus

In this tutorial, Jorel Corpus gives a thorough introduction to equalizers, covering gain boost/cut, center frequency and Q amount, filter and shelf EQ parameters, and the differences between parametric, semi-parametric, and graphic equalizers.

String Mixing Techniques in an Orchestral Setting

5m 13s intermediate Intermediate
Author: Jorel Corpus

Mixing Engineer Jorel Corpus walks through some techniques for mixing strings in an orchestral setting. Topics include reference tracks and mixing for clients, setting up your session to follow an orchestral layout, EQing strings to create space for each track, reverb tactics for getting a good orchestral string sound.

String Mixing Techniques in a Band Setting

4m 09s intermediate Intermediate
Author: Jorel Corpus

Mixing Engineer Jorel Corpus walks through some techniques for mixing strings in a band setting. Topics include context consideration, defining main and supporting subjects in mix, and using EQ to sculpt locations for tracks.

Guerrilla Film Scoring Volume 6: Composers: Demos Aren’t Good Enough Anymore

8m 8s beginner Beginner

How do great composers quickly make great sounding demos of their writing? How could you sell yourself and your ideas better with your demos? Guerrilla Film Scoring has the answers from Hollywood’s top composers for film, television, and video games.

Mixing Considerations Series: Masking (Part 6)

6m 20s intermediate Intermediate
Author: Jorel Corpus

In part six of our series on mixing considerations, Jorel Corpus discusses masking and listening environments, overcoming spaces with poor acoustic treatment by dealing with phasing, bass buildup and early reflections, ensuring a mix does not become dull and lifeless, and dealing with specific elements within your mix to create a balanced blend.

Using Processing Effects to Create Your Own Pads

9m 35s advanced Advanced
Author: Juan Cortés

Rather than patch-surfing, and using the same sounds everyone has access to, employ some originality and make your own pad patches/channel strips. This tutorial explores techniques for creating and processing pads from subtractive synthesis properties, filters and resonant frequencies, granular synthesis, reverb and delay, phasing, tremolo and compression.

Cubase Overview

10m 12s beginner Beginner
Author: Akash Thakkar

Cubase 7 is a major DAW used by A-list composers (like Hans Zimmer) and novices alike. Cubase is a great tool for MIDI sequencing, audio recording, mixing, and music and sound design production. In this tutorial, Akash Thakkar introduces you to Cubase, covering adding and working with tracks, using virtual instruments with Cubase, mixing and using plug-in effects like EQ, customizing keyboard shortcuts for a more efficient workflow and modifying tempo.

Mixing Considerations Series: Listening Levels (Part 5)

6m 21s intermediate Intermediate
Author: Jorel Corpus

In part five of our series on mixing considerations, Jorel Corpus takes an in-depth look at listening levels, and how to avoid "listening loud" so you can "listen long". Along the way he covers technical terms such as decibels, dimming and breaks down the concepts behind the Fletcher Munson Curve.