Mixing Tools: Reverb Introduction

6m 34s beginner Beginner
Author: Juan Cortes

Game composer Juan Cortes introduces reverb concepts in this tutorial, highlighting practical examples. Topics include algorithmic and convolution reverb, typical reverb parameters, using reverb pre or post EQ, and creative applications of reverb including using your own impulse responses.

Using Processing Effects to Create Your Own Pads

9m 35s advanced Advanced
Author: Juan Cortés

Rather than patch-surfing, and using the same sounds everyone has access to, employ some originality and make your own pad patches/channel strips. This tutorial explores techniques for creating and processing pads from subtractive synthesis properties, filters and resonant frequencies, granular synthesis, reverb and delay, phasing, tremolo and compression.

Film Scoring With Logic: Importing Your Video

6m 44s beginner Beginner
Author: Chris Fitzgerald

With SMPTE syncing capabilities and a user-friendly interface, Logic Pro X is a great tool for film composers. In this tutorial we take a look at how to determine a film's frame rate, SMPTE start time, and audio sample rate. Then we load and sync the video into Logic to prep for scoring. For more on Film Scoring with Logic, check out our course Technical Aspects of Film Scoring: Logic course.

Game Project Walkthrough: Siegebreakers

39m 03s intermediate Intermediate
Author: Jacob Pernell

Let's dive in and take a look at some of the music from a game project I recently worked on called Siegebreakers! I'll talk a little bit about my process and show you how I laid out the song in Logic, show you what samples I used, and also talk about setting up the track for having different intensity layers. You'll walk away from this video with a little insight into one person's process and hopefully pick up a few new tricks along the way!

Anatomy of an Instrument Patch: Guitar Synth

12m 11s intermediate Intermediate
Author: Chris Fitzgerald

Coming from a perspective of crafting the perfect sonic landscape for a film, this tutorial explores building creative effects chains. Focused on electric guitar, though touching on ideas that could be used for any instrument, we discuss creative use of delay and reverb, and compression and stereo imaging.

Drum Groove Production with Logic Pro X

14m 36s intermediate Intermediate
Author: Chris Fitzgerald

As composers, we all want the big orchestral score project, but it's crucial to be able to write for a variety of genres and ensembles, including the drumset. Especially with projects that are limited in budget, calling in a live drummer to record may not be possible. This tutorial explores the features of Logic Pro X's Drum Designer, an easy-to-use, sophisticated tool to produce solid drum tracks even if you have minimal sequencing and mixing experience.

Behind the Scenes of an iPad App: Audio for iOS

57m 09s intermediate Intermediate
Author: Chris Fitzgerald

Audio for mobile games and apps is a burgeoning opportunity for composers and sound designers. The industry has been growing exponentially the last several years. Apple’s App Store has seen over 50 billion downloads, with over half of those coming since 2011. In this webinar we’ll take a look at a recent iPad app project going over project management (asset lists, team communication and file transfer tools), sound effects and music assets, looping and one-off assets, recorded and synthetic sound effects, asset preparation for mobile devices (discussing concerns like asset size, mono compatibility, frequency playback capability of mobile device speakers), and audio editing and processing of assets.

Creative & Practical Applications of Convolution Reverb

24m 44s intermediate Intermediate
Author: Chris Fitzgerald

Convolution reverb is a sophisticated hybrid of physical and synthesized reverberation. It takes a sampled space (or impulse response) and simulates audio tracks interacting with the space, creating lush, high quality reverb. In this tutorial we walk through many different uses for convolution reverb, from typical mixing scenarios, to creative and outlandish sound design applications.

Layering & Looping in Interactive Music

24m 51s intermediate Intermediate
Author: Chris Fitzgerald

Interactivity is the foundation of game music. The music and audio in a game must be flexible and adaptable to input from the player and to various game and character situations. This tutorial demonstrates how to use two bedrock techniques in game music: looping and layering.

The Art of Film Scoring

The Art of Film Scoring

3h 32m beginner Beginner • 6 videos
Author: Chris Fitzgerald[MM_Access_Decision id=”528″ access=’false’]

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[/MM_Access_Decision]The Art of Film Scoring is a 6-part primer into the technical and psychological aspects of film composition. Through the course we cover film music history, thematic analysis, music theory and composition, technical aspects of film scoring, and self promotion tips including resources for website creation and audio and film publishing. No prior film scoring experience is necessary. Students are recommended to own or have access to a computer with MIDI sequencing and audio recording software to complete the course challenges.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Intelligently analyze the function of music in film
  • Spot the differences between score and diegetic music
  • Work with the technical and psychological aspects of film scoring to compose your own film music
  • Promote yourself as a film composer