Film Scoring Features in Cubase

12m 29s intermediate Intermediate
Author: Rachel Dziezynski

Used by Hans Zimmer and other top film composers, Cubase is a pro-level platform for scoring. This tutorial delves into the importance of setting up a template, setting up instruments with multiple outputs (Konkakt, Vienna, etc.), how to set up multiple cues for the same movie – staying organized, tricks for dealing with video in Cubase, and how to quickly set up new cues and bouncing out your music to video using Cubase.

Cubase Overview

10m 12s beginner Beginner
Author: Akash Thakkar

Cubase 7 is a major DAW used by A-list composers (like Hans Zimmer) and novices alike. Cubase is a great tool for MIDI sequencing, audio recording, mixing, and music and sound design production. In this tutorial, Akash Thakkar introduces you to Cubase, covering adding and working with tracks, using virtual instruments with Cubase, mixing and using plug-in effects like EQ, customizing keyboard shortcuts for a more efficient workflow and modifying tempo.

Game Audio Essentials

Game Audio Essentials

1h 39m beginner Beginner • 6 videos
Author: Akash Thakkar[MM_Access_Decision id=”545″ access=’false’]

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[/MM_Access_Decision]Game Audio Essentials is a 6-part course that serves as an introduction to the technical and creative aspects of video game audio. In the course we cover everything from game audio history, creating interactive musical scores, sound design, and breaking in to the game industry as a whole. No prior game scoring experience is necessary, but a love of video games is a plus! Students are recommended to own or have access to a computer with MIDI sequencing and audio recording software to complete the course challenges.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Analyze interactive audio in games
  • Work with and understand common game audio tools
  • Compose your own video game music
  • Create your own sound effects
  • Promote yourself in the game industry

Game Audio Software

5m 07s beginner Beginner
Author: Akash Thakkar

There are many different software applications that game composers and sound designers use. This tutorials covers common DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation), software synthesizers, and samplers, with links to download free instrument plug-ins.