A Guide to Being Indispensable

COURSE 43m 10s beginner Beginner • 2 videos
Author: Andy Forsberg
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[/MM_Access_Decision] In this course, Andy Forsberg details the traits and skills necessary for a successful start in your career. Forsberg approaches the topic from a film scoring background, but his advice applies to the game audio industry as well. Peppered with personal stories and experiences throughout, he discusses analyzing where you are and where you want to be, how to make the best of your time in school, internships and thinking more about your career, improving your technical skills and people skills, tips for boosting your "likability factor", and how to be someone that others crave working with.

Breaking In To The Game Industry

Breaking In To The Game Industry

1h 21m beginner Beginner • 5 videos
Author: Akash Thakkar[MM_Access_Decision id=”2607″ access=’false’]

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[/MM_Access_Decision]Video games offer a myriad of new and exciting ways to put your audio in front of a huge, enthusiastic audience. With the rise of independent games, there are an immense number of opportunities to work in the industry as an audio professional. This course will be covering how one can break in to such a fast-paced industry and how to work as part of a development team.

By the end of the course you will understand how to:

  • Set and work toward goals for yourself
  • Find important game industry events to attend
  • Network and promote yourself in the game industry
  • Create a demo and web presence
  • Work effectively as a team member on a game project
Course Table of Contents
Part 1 Mindset Mastery 9m 00s
Part 2 Pick Your Customers 17m 00s
Part 3 Getting Your First Gigs 24m 52s
Part 4 Working With Your Team 19m 35s
Part 5 Next Steps 12m 29s

Knowing Your Stuff Isn’t Enough: How To Develop Rewarding Relationships As An Audio Professional

5m 54s beginner Beginner
Author: Ted Case

Film and games industries are relationship industries. Being a talented composer or sound designer may get you in the door, but it's not enough to just be good. This tutorial tackles tips on cultivating and sustaining relationships in order to be a desirable collaborator.

Three Keys to Successful Team Collaboration

3m 02s beginner Beginner
Author: Ted Case

On every film or game project, there are a lot of people working together. Build good collaboration skills, and you'll up your game. This tutorial offers three important considerations as you begin any team-based project.

Overcoming Creative Anxiety

9m 47s beginner Beginner
Author: Jacob Pernell

Everyone feels stuck at some point in their creative work – even the pros! It’s normal, but creative anxiety and writer’s block don’t have to stop you completely in your tracks. This tutorial covers some tips and tricks that can help you move through creative anxiety the next time you run into it.

Game Audio Essentials

Game Audio Essentials

1h 39m beginner Beginner • 6 videos
Author: Akash Thakkar[MM_Access_Decision id=”545″ access=’false’]

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[/MM_Access_Decision]Game Audio Essentials is a 6-part course that serves as an introduction to the technical and creative aspects of video game audio. In the course we cover everything from game audio history, creating interactive musical scores, sound design, and breaking in to the game industry as a whole. No prior game scoring experience is necessary, but a love of video games is a plus! Students are recommended to own or have access to a computer with MIDI sequencing and audio recording software to complete the course challenges.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Analyze interactive audio in games
  • Work with and understand common game audio tools
  • Compose your own video game music
  • Create your own sound effects
  • Promote yourself in the game industry

Game Audio: Files Sharing and Delivery Methods

3m 35s intermediate Intermediate
Author: Richard Ludlow

In today's age of remote collaboration, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, and other similar services are crucial to workflow. This tutorial covers these three solutions and offers advice that will get you off to a great start when collaborating on your next project. The concept of To and From folders will be explored, along with file naming conventions, delivery drops, and more.

Game Audio: Asset Management with Google Spreadsheets

5m 05s intermediate Intermediate
Author: Richard Ludlow

Keeping track of hundreds or thousands of assets for a project can be daunting. In this tutorial, I'll take a brief look at some of the powerful features in Google Docs that will help you stay organized and on top of your next project. Topics will include Data Validation, Conditional Formatting, and other tips and tricks.