Breaking In To The Game Industry – Lesson 2

Pick Your Customers

17m 00s beginner Beginner
Author: Akash Thakkar

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Video games offer a myriad of new and exciting ways to put your audio in front of a huge, enthusiastic audience. With the rise of independent games, there are an immense number of opportunities to work in the industry as an audio professional. This course will be covering how one can break in to such a fast-paced industry and how to work as part of a development team.

By the end of the course you will understand how to:

  • Set and work toward goals for yourself
  • Find important game industry events to attend
  • Network and promote yourself in the game industry
  • Create a demo and web presence
  • Work effectively as a team member on a game project

Lesson 2: Pick Your Customers

  • Determining who you want to work for
  • How to focus your time to find better work
  • Working freelance vs. working for a company
  • How location effects your career
  • Game development organizations
  • Thinking of your skills, strengths and interests
  • Avoiding distractions

Your next step

  • Determine (and write down) your demographic using the two-qualifier method
  • Give thought to what kind of work you’d like to do, whether it be for a company or freelance
  • Write your skills, strengths and interests down
  • Post your thoughts/results in the comments or forum