Akash_Thakkar_profile_picAkash Thakkar

Guest Speaker at PAX Australia 2013
Guest Speaker at PAX East 2013

Recent Credits:
Hyper Light Drifter – Sound Designer (Releasing in Q4 2014)
Ironclad Tactics – Sound Designer (Released on Steam in September 2013)
CityQuest – Composer (Releasing in Q1 2014)

Scorbit: What is your most meaningful professional accomplishment to date?
Akash Thakkar: I would say my most meaningful professional accomplishment thus far is being invited to speak in Australia about my experiences as a game audio professional. It was a fantastic opportunity to share some knowledge with a completely new audience!

Scorbit: What interests you about training?
AT: I am incredibly excited to bring distilled and top-quality information to those who would like to break in to the game industry. There is a lot of unorganized information out there on music/sound for games, so I hope to provide plenty of great material to put people on a good path.

Scorbit: Where do you see the game industry going?
AT: I see the game industry becoming even more friendly to the independent developer. While the big AAA products will continue to exist, it is becoming increasingly clear that the small developers are the ones pushing the envelope in terms of innovation. Thanks to all these small teams popping up around the world, it has never been easier to break in to the game industry!

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